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Overview of the Module

 Welcome to the Data Visualization module!  The module is taken by students on two programmes: The CFD students do a shortened version of the module.

The objectives of the module are:

Visualization can be seen as covering a wide scope including: The CFD students cover mainly Scientific Visualization, while the Distributed Multimedia Systems students cover additional topics including Information Visualization.

The assessment for the module will be 50% by written examination, and 50% by coursework.
Coursework This link will take you to the coursework assignments which will be used in the module.
Lectures This link will give you lecture information.
Practicals There will be regular practical sessions.  The major visualization systems used in the module are IRIS Explorer, gnuplot and xmdvtool.
Resources This link takes you to a page which describes some web resorces and gives other reading material.
People Here are links to the people involved in the module.
Research This link takes you to the Visualization Research page in the School of Computing.

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Ken Brodlie
September 2004